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Implementation : IPv6

The implementation of IPv6 on your installation depends entirely on this one but the general line is as follows :

- There are currently 3 types of block of addresses usable:

  • 3ffe::/16 who is the block of the 6bone (block for the pTLA test)
  • 2001::/16 who is the block of production divided between the SCRAPER, the ARIN and the APNIC (as for ipv4)
  • 2002::/16 who is a special block called "6to4", the addressage functions in a different way for this block
    it is necessary to convert your ipv4 into hexadecimal form : 2002:[hex form of ipv4]::/48
    Ex: for the IP the convertion gives us : 2002:3e3e:3e3e::/48

- Obtaining a tunnel on Tunnel Broker,

  • Indeed the FAI directly do not support IPv6 on their services, (exept Nerim)
    it is thus necessary to use a protocol of encapsulation, it is the protocol N° 41 which is useful here.

- Configuration of your system for the tunnel.

  • To configure your interfaces on IPv6 it is necessary a script of configuration for you
    (and this same on Windows) and an account tunnel in a supplier of access to the 6BONE

- Configuration of IPv6 applications,

  • These applications are for the moment in beta-test they support IPv4 and/or IPv6.

Jean Théry

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