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Ipv6 has through a router NAT (or masquerading)

There this aims has to use a router ipv6 on the local area network where it's not possible to use IPv6 on footbridge Internet.

	2001:658:30b::1	                                    2001:658:30b::f
	       -----------                            --------------- 
	      | Router    |                          | ipv6          |
	      |           |                          |               |
	      |     ipv6  |                          | tunnel_broker |
	       -----------                            --------------- 
	             |      ---------               |
	             |              | Router  |              |
	              --------------|         |-------------- 
	                            |    NAT  |               

You must have the functionalities of protocol mapping on the router to be able to use IPv6 behind this one .To know if you use a router NAT check your IP addresses LAN, if those is in the following beaches (,, either you use a proxy to reach has Internet or a router NAT in which case it is necessary for you to apply the method following to use ipv6 to a machine other than the router in question (if you use a proxy it is necessary to install the pile tcp/ip v6 on that Ci, if your router does not support the function of protocol mapping it is not possible to use the pile tcp/ip v6 ).

On winroute

Create a port map with

Protocol : OTHER   41


Destination IP : <dest_ip>


where dest_ip will be your ip of gateway ipv6 lan or ip of youre machine


add the rule :

NATD -redirect_proto proto localIP [publicIP [remoteIP]]


NATD -redirect_proto 41 localIP [publicIP [remoteIP]]

On IP Masq

This configuration were not tested yet (kernel 2.2)

ipmasqadm portfw -a -P 41 -L ip_net -R ip_lan

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